#emma’s first date with hook: the charmings

The Skeleton Twins (2014)

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get to know me meme: [1/10] movies
léon: the professional(1994) - “
My family they got shot down by D.E.A. officers because of a drug problem. I left with the greatest guy on earth. He was a hitman, the best in town, but he died this morning. And if you don’t help me, I’ll be dead by tonight. “

Alexa Chung at ELLE Fashion Preview in São Paulo.

Viola Davis is a freaking tour de force. As she slowly peels back her wig, her eyelashes and wipes away her makeup, you can just see Annalise come undone. She doesn’t say a word, but you can feel the pain radiating off her. It gave me the chills. (x)

Matt Smith out and about in London (18.10.14) (x)